Nina’s Mongol Rule #3: Underprepared is the New Overplanned

‘Cause Uzbekistan is the nicest country. They gave us maps and brochures with our visas!!

Soooooooo, we’re leaving for the Rally in a short 17 days, and progress has been, per the usual, shall we say, minimal. 

However! All visas are acquired (for me at least), car insurance is purchased, I’ve plotted a champagne tasting route IN CHAMPAGNE, and we’ve had a massive flag printed?

Grump! Grump! Grunpy Russian visa photo!!

On the not so amazeballs note, fundraising is going abysmally (what, spamming 900 Facebook friends wasn’t gonna do it?? Also feel free to donate to our charities here), I may actually have met my packing match in an 8 week trip involving 42C to snow, I’m reasonably sure the whole ‘waterproofing my swag’ actually made it rather waterlogged, I still don’t have enough leave for the trip, my mum’s gone from ‘you’re GOING TO DIE in a ‘stan’ to ‘you’re GOING TO DIE in a bombing in Europe’, and fuck me all of my plants are going to die while I’m gone. Oh, and surely there’s something I’m forgetting that’s slightly more important than dead fuckin’ chili plants??

But in hands down the most important news, someone just acquired a most exciting piece of paper, ’cause someone is now officially a goddam Australian. And as we all know Aussies are the luckiest assholes on earth, seriously what could go wrong??

I’m an Aussie cunt!

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