Nina’s Travel Rule #40: shit I wrote too soon…


Soooooo, I really should waited to hit ‘publish’ for about 20 min last night. Went back to the airport bar right after posting, and this happened:

I sit. I order beer. It is tasty. Old Filipino man sits next to me. He seems pleasant. 10 minutes pass. A rather drunk, rather vociferous, indeterminately Asian man enters. He sits with us and starts chatting with Old Filipino Dude. So far, so fine.

OFD: ‘So where do you live? I live in the Bay Area, I was just here visiting my family.’

Drunk Indeterminate Asian: ‘I live in Antioch.’ Also in the Bay Area ‘An’ I fucking hate Amurica.’ For those who know me and tend to think I tend to exaggerate, this is literally word for word… ‘Yes, I furcking hate it. ‘merica. Hate. Urrrg.’

Me: Look of commiseration towards OFD, who clearly has no answer to this rant.

Chat chat, blah blah blah.

DIA: ‘You want some mango juice? I’m not tha’ drunk! Gots too much mango juice. ‘N Filipino monies. Let’s give some to Australia grrrl!’ The Aussie girl being me. ‘You wrnt sum mango juice?’ he asks me.

Me: ‘I’m American, actually.’

DIA: ‘Oh shit. Furk. Furker.’

Me: ‘It’s ok. I quite like America, but parts of it do suck.’

OFD: incomprehensible laugh-snorting…

DIA: ‘Have some mrngo juice! You want srme Jack? I’rl buya some Jack…’

Me: ‘Ok then’.

And that is how I nearly missed my flight trying to chug three cups of free mango and Jack Daniels plus my leftover beer.

God bless Manila.

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