Nina’s Travel Rule #47: Adorable Asshole Aussie Adendum

Breaking News (in support of my theorem that Australians are the Luckiest Assholes on Earth):

So yesterday, apparently some ass-hat Aussie got his leg stuck in a train. During rush hour. Omg, you say, how horrific!! Nope, she’ll be right, it’s Oz. It’s Perth, in fact! Perth, where nothing even remotely newsworthy has literally ever happened. Ever. So little, in fact, that I wasn’t aware of this awesomesauce:

until this morning, when my All-Worrying Mother informed me of it.

So because this is Oz, Dude Caught in a Train is fine. Because the commuters all, clearly, exited the train, organized their damn selves, and then shoved the fucking train OFF THE MAN. Yet, this is not what proves my point; this is just normal, run o’ the mill, Aussie decentness (bless their hearts). Nope, what proves my point is the 30 seconds in that video AFTER the random-ass crowd of random-ass Perth commuters PUSHED A TRAIN OFF A MAN’S LEG. It’s the bit where no one cheers (too American), or videos the amazing rescue (too Pommy), or even fuckin’ checks he’s ok (waaaay too Canadian), nope nope, they just… go quietly and politely about their previously scheduled business.

No worries. She’ll be right, ’cause fuckin’ Aussies always fuckin’ are. God bless ’em.

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