Nina’s Travel Rule #18b: Dammit, I Wasn’t Lying!

nina turkish movie









So this is for all a y’all who have accused me of regularly making shit up / exaggerating my disastrouness / slightly massaging “the truth” / etc.

Ha!  I am a Turkish Movie Star, and now I have the proof!

See, the following:

Nina’s Turkish Cameo!

In which yours truly appears, in a Real Honest-to-God Not-Turkish-Porn Movie!  Like, that was in honest-to-God theaters ‘n shit!  Just like I said (see Nina’s Travel Rule #18)!

And yeah, I’m the bored / meltingly-hot one in the fugly-blue, free t-shirt with the sleeves rolled up. Doing, as our director (Yüksel Aksu, aka Crazy-Pants of The Hair) instructed, the “clap to the sound of no music”, which, as I suspected, resulted in all of us clapping out of synch. Also that… interesting looking woman in blonde is indeed the leader of the German Green Party. Fuck knows what she’s doing in this movie (and yes, she was exactly as excited about it as she appears), maybe ’cause its title in English is “Intellectual Village” and it’s about environmental activism in the Turkish countryside, as a comedy? Sentences I never plan to type again…

(and, if we’re interested, despite the fact that this looks like literally the worst movie ever, it’s called Entelköy Efeköy’e Karsi and is now available in HD on the YouTubes :))


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